Brandpact by SPRING

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BrandPact is a grant initiative by SPRING Singapore and International Enterprise Singapore to better meet the varied brand development needs of local enterprises as they grow and expand within Singapore and into the global marketplace. BrandPact aims to help companies build and use their brands as a strategy for business competitiveness. To increase companies’ awareness of the importance of brand development, we work with business associations and brand experts to offer branding workshops, forums and online resources to inform and educate companies. Funding support for branding consultancy is available to eligible companies. BrandPact also support platforms such as Singapore Prestige Brand Award, which recognises companies that have shown outstanding performance in developing and managing their brands. The award serves as a benchmark of quality and success in branding which other companies can strive towards.

The coverage of the BrandPact grant is very broad and MAXTEQ can provide the necessary consultancy to enable your organization to fully utilise the grant.

This grant can be co-funded up to S$150,000 at an attractive 50% subsidy.

The requirements for applying are:

  • Registered business in Singapore
  • At least 30% Local Shareholding
  • Less than $15 million in company’s fixed assets
  • Less than 200 employees
  • Minimum of $2 million in turnover
  • Minimum 3 years of business operations


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