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MAXTEQ understand that every business is different and that there is no one size fits all approach for IT, security or finances. That is why we always aim to fully understand and gather requirements from you before proposing a solution. As with all new implementations, businesses are always concerned about the upfront investment cost and risks involved. It is with that reason that Singapore has an extensive range of grant subsidies available for SMEs to tap on to reduce the investment costs and risks in a bid to improve their business processes significantly.

There are a wide range of government grants available for businesses in Singapore to apply and get a subsidy for implementing or improving their processes. MAXTEQ has a dedicated team of people that possesses a high level of knowledge and experience in government business grants, enabling us to provide quality consultancy to identify the suitable grants that you can apply for. We are capable of evaluating, proposing and applying business grants for your business to get a subsidy from various government bodies such as SPRING Singapore, IDA, Enterprise ONE.

Because of our expertise in IT, security and financial consultancy and implementation, we have applied and clinched various government grants for our clients over the years.

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